Dupont BS lighter

Logo S.T.Dupont

S.T.DUPONT BS lighter or Briquet Standard.

Indispensable in the world of lighters the brand S.T.DUPONT released its first gasoline lighter in 1941 then its first gas lighter in 1952. The DUPONT BS is the brand’s second gas lighter. It was manufactured between 1959 and 1973.

It does not have a flame adjustment wheel. The small toothed wheel on the lock is used to cut off the gas supply with the hood open. This wheel is the distinctive sign of DUPONT BS.

DUPONT BS lighter
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La Comercial – Bengochea y Fernandez – HABANA

La Comercial – Bengochea y Fernandez – HABANA

Logo La Comercial de Bengochea y Fernandez
The logo is a reproduction based on the imprint on the box.

Old box as a cabinet contained 25 cigars stored vertically.

Dimensions : 15,5 (5,90″) x 12,2 (4,72″) x 22,4 cm (8,82″)

Before 1950’s but without information more precise.

La Comercial was undoubtedly a brand belonging to Fernandez Garcia Y Cia (calle Virtudes 129 in Havana) then to Bengochea Y Fernandez (calle S.Rafael 101 in Havana). Do not hesitate to contact us if you have elements regarding this brand.

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