Aluminium pack

Aluminium pack

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This aluminum pocket size box of 5 cigars appeared in the 1940s at the same time as the aluminum tubes. Design varies by brand. It will disappear in the 80s

These cases were packaged in boxes of 10 or 20 (see packaging).

It has been updated by HABANOS S.A. with the Linea Rétro announced in 2017 and available since 2020.

A brief overview of the original versions.

Liste des modèles

Here is a non-exhaustive list* of the models encountered to date:

HOYO DE MONTERREYSouvenir de LuxePetit Corona
H.UPMANNMedias CoronasPetit Corona
H.UPMANNRegaliasPetit Corona
H.UPMANNUnicos (E.M.S.) ****
PARTAGASCoronas GrandesLong Corona
PARTAGASEminentes ***Corona
PUNCHSouvenir de LuxePetit Corona
ROMEO Y JULIETAClub Kings Petit Corona
ROMEO Y JULIETAFavoritasShort Panetela
ROMEO Y JULIETAPlateados de RomeoPetit Corona

* : If you have comments or pictures feel free to contact us.
** : According to PARTAGAS El Libro.
*** : According to PARTAGAS El Libro une version avec le couvercle vert aurait existé .
**** : English Market Selection.

Auminium pack pictures

If you have comments or pictures feel free to contact us.


These aluminium pack were packaged by 10 or 20 in cardboard boxes or in dress box (thus by 50 or 100 cigars). They were wrapped in a paper film. Here you can find some extracts from CUBATABACO catalogs.

1972 catalog
Aluminium pack Romeo y Julietta 80's
Early 80s
Aluminium pack UPMANN 1976
80's catalog
Early 80s
HOYO et R&J 1975 catalog
CUBATABACO catalog from 1962 :
Extract from a 1950’s catalog :

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