Cuban Glass top box PITA Hnos - Front side

Cuban Glass top box PITA Hermanos

Cuban Glass top box PITA Hermanos

Pre-1950’s cuban glass top box for 25 cigars from Fabrica PITA Hermanos – “Especiales para el Almacen de Viveres – LA REINA”

Dimensions (L / W / H) : 19cm (7,48″) / 13cm (5,12″) /  9cm (3,54″), probably for 25 Cazadores.

I personally like cuban glass top box, used from 30’s to 50’s. Seen often for CAZADORES or BREVAS from different brands (PARTAGAS, J.L.PIEDRA, LA ESCEPTION, or as this boxwith less known brands).

Fabrica PITA Hermano apparently created in 1931 by 3 brothers ( Antonio, Manuel y Andrés PITA DURAN). Three addresses found , 41-43 and 67-69 on Estevez street in La Habana, and more surprising on Belascoain 852 also in La Habana (place of Romeo y Julieta  factory from 1960).

From two sources PITA’s factory closed around the time of the revolution though an a listing of factories from the late 50s PITA Hnos is no longer listed as an active factory.

I have seen a few variations of the mark from this company :
  • PITA Hermanos / PITA Hnos / PITA y Hermanos
  • Tabacalera PITA y Hnos. S. A.
  • PITA (?)
  • CARIBE (PITA Hnos)
  • EL ECUADOR (en partenariat avec d’autres fabriques)
Found anothers PITA in Cuba (apparently without any connections) :
  • Elias PITA (E.PITA)
  • J. Antonio PITA
  • LA ANTORCHA (J. Antonio PITA)
  • Melián y Pita
Few labels and bands from PITA Hnos :

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