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PARTAGAS Majestuosos Barrel (Cuba)

PARTAGAS Majestuosos – Barrel

PARTAGAS logo wood

Cuban cigar box barrel-shaped. This barrel contained 25 PARTAGAS Majestuosos, also listed as Majesticos outside Spain *.

Rarer presentation than Jars or Tree Trunk, has existed in other brands (Romeo & Juietta, Hoyo de Monterrey, …).

Size Corona *
Circa 1950 * – Still available in a Cubatabaco catalog from 1971
Height : 17,40cm
Diameter : 11,50cm


1971 - Cubatabaco Luxurious Cabinets
1971 – Cubatabaco Luxurious Cabinets catalog

PARTAGAS Majestuosos barrel - CUBATABACO 1971
PARTAGAS Majestuosos – CUBATABACO 1971

If there is a particularly famous Habanos factory in Havana, it is Partagás. For many years this Factory was located at 520 Industria Street, right behind the Havana’s Capitol, in the heart of the city. Today, the Factory is located at 806 San Carlos Street.

The factory was created in 1845 by Don Jaime Partagás, and has been producing this prestigious Habanos brand ever since.

Partagás are immediately recognizable for their intense flavour. The character of its blend is of inimitable richness and aroma.

The Partagás vitolario is characterized by a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
Source : habanos.com

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