CUBATABACO Greetings card – 1971

CUBATABACO Greetings card – 1971

CUBATABACO Greetings card

Here a CUBATABACO greetings card dating from 1971. There are some beautiful Cuban rings, the #PARTAGAS is missing on the first page.

On the pages 4 and 5 we seem to distinguish a few boxes of cigars like :

  • Box like a Caney* (probably from H.UPMANN)
  • H.UPMANN glass jar
  • HOYO Petit Hoyo
  • H.UPMANN Coronas Major
  • PUNCH Churchills
  • H.UPMANN Gran Coronas

For cigarettes side :

  • KIM
  • 767
  • ISLA


Caney  : It’s a typical element in the Tainian villages of Pre-Columbian Cuba. That was the dwelling of one or more family, according to its size. It towered over the native huts because of its remarkable construction. It was circular-shaped, made of sticks together vertically with conical palm-thatched roofs. (source / translated from : An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars by Min Ron Nee).

Cubatabaco : Abbreviation of Empresa Cubana del Tabaco, is the Cuban tobacco company. It was created in 1962 after the nationalization of the Cuban tobacco industry by the socialist government of Fidel Castro.

She managed all the production and distribution of Cuban tobacco products both locally and internationally until 1994. On that date the company Habanos S.A. was created to export cigars and cigarettes all over the world.

In 2001 the production decame the responsibility of a new entity called Tabacuba.

Cubatabaco currently owns the names of Cuban cigars brands.

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