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Maria Guerrero Favoritas en Cedro – 1968

Maria Guerrero Favoritas en Cedro – 1968

Maria Guerrero Favoritas en Cedro

The brand

Maria Guerrero is a Cuban brand created in 1930* by José Rodriguez Fernández “Don Pepin” (owner of the Roméo Y Julieta factory). Its name is a tribute to a famous Spanish actress.

Maria Guerrero has become a sister brand to Roméo Y Julieta. At the time of the revolution, the brand had 25 vitolas**.

According to a 1969 catalog there were at least 9 references, 8 in 1971, and only 2 (machine made) in 1976, including the Favoritas in Cedro. The brand still appears in a price list from 1981 but no longer in the Cubataco catalog from 1983.

* Source : The Great Habano Factory.
** Source : An Illustrated Encylopaedia of Post Revolution Havana Cigars.

Favoritas en Cedro

These Maria Guerrero were made shortly before the 60s and discontinued in the early 80s.

The Favoritas en Cedro is a machine-made Petit Corona 40 x 125 (4.9″) individually wrapped in a cedar leaf and presented in a “dress box” of 25 cigars. Packaging similar to that seen on Coronitas en Cedro or Cedros de Luxe at Roméo Y Julieta.

Box from 1968


A few rings illustrating the rich past of the brand.


You can find here a video of tasting of this cigar published on 05/01/2018 by Dave DUDE.

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